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Stone Cross Music & Gem Rico Radio has been following Kendra Black from the birth of time, an inspiration to young women across the globe, her new track "Hustla" is a hip-hop track feat "Spice 1" this track is totally dope, the production and vocals where produced nicely, a nice follow up track to her latest music albums "The Fire" & "The Edge"  which in turn are hip hop rocking tracks as well. Kendra is from Italy but lives in New York City, at only 25 years old, she has managed to bring to the table a music company and record label called "Emerald Sounds" and also ran her own clothing line, the "KB Sports Apparel", which started in 2017, she is also a fashion model and Ballerina, Whoa that's a lot on a single plate. but Kendra's drive and dedication to represent the fashion world and music industry is 100% in her book, be sure to tune in for our next interview with the multi-talented "KENDRA BLACK" Review by Wilfredo Rodriguez   MORE

Kendra Black


My tune "I Will Rise" is about forgiveness. It is so easy to let burdens, betrayals and hurt fester. But when someone has wronged you it is YOU that suffers if you hold on to that hurt and bitterness. I have learned that forgiveness does not justify the wrong. Instead it frees me, it allows me to live happily because my soul deserves peace. And forgiveness is the only ticket to freedom. That is what this song is about. I hope you will watch, enjoy & SHARE my newest music video! Shot & Edited: Lisa Zalenski Directed By: John Henry Soto Piano & Vocals: Michaela McClain Performance & String Arrangement: String Productions, Yoed Nir Produced, Recorded & Mixed: Dan Grigsby Song Written by Michaela McClain I am THRILLED to announce that my 4th studio EP is FINALLY AVAILABLE! This project took much longer then I had hoped to come to fruition, but I so hope you will agree with me when I say it was worth the wait! My goal going into this project was to record my best sounding, most produced music yet-- and this does not disappoint! The arrangements are lush with strings, horns, vibes, & harmonies. I could not be happier to share with you all. You can purchase, share and write a kick ass review of my EP on iTunes here: And you can purchase a hard copy at a live show or by mail by contacting me. Thank you for the continued support and love. MORE


Music Lessons with Michaela

Michaela has been teaching private voice and piano lessons for the last 11 years.

Her studio is located out of Montclair, NJ.



"After seeing a performance from Michaela and her singing partner at a bar that I tended, I was immediately inspired to ask her if she offered singing lessons. I had never had formal training before, but from the very first lesson, I felt immediately supported, encouraged, and in awe of the detailed technique and information she had to offer. Because of her warm and open energy, I look forward to our meetings every week. Michaela makes it a point to track your progress and to keep growth an active part of each moment. Her attention to the artistic process, as well as exercising technique, makes for a productive and exciting journey that can take place at any age and at any level." - Adult Student